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Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Rehabilitation & Conditioning training is a method of improving muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, machines, or the person’s own body weight.

Sports Rehabilitation Training & Sports Conditioning have proven to reduce injuries & enhance performance in athletes. At HEAL, we adopt Isolation, Iso-Integration & Integrated approach to improving muscular strength during Conditioning & Rehabilitation.

Strength & Conditioning Training Includes

01. Muscle Testing
02. Return to Sport Rehabilitation
03. Barefoot Training
04. Sport Specific Fitness Testing & Training

05. Individualised Strength Programs
06. Iso-Integrated Strengthening
07. Group Classes

Who needs Rehabilitation & Conditioning?

Every individual – young or old, athlete, a corporate employ or a housewife needs regular doses of functional training, which helps one to carry out their day-to-day functions and maintain a healthy body &mind.;

Rehabilitation & Conditioning increases the body’s metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories throughout the day, aiding significantly in long term weight loss amongst individuals aiming for fat loss & a lean body.

A sedentary lifestyle or Aging could lead to decrease in bone density, leading to brittleness. Studies have shown that consistent training can increase bone density & prevent Osteoporosis.

If you are looking at improving your balance &reducing; injury or building muscle strength & reducing muscle loss, Book your Appointment today.



MIHIKA YADAV National & International Tennis Player U-19

Being a tennis player, strength is very important aspect that I have to constantly need to improve on. HEAL’s rehabilitation & conditioning team has helped me immensely. Sourabh and Mishti are very encouraging, supportive and motivating. Most importantly, every single person at HEAL is very friendly, which makes working out and exercising even more fun and interesting


I came to know about your rehab centre from my daughter Mansi Choksi, I started physiotherapy from september 2015 after my knee surgery. Coming there for physiotherapy I noticed that professional trainer who are friendly and increase their ability by push. Umar is my second trainer. Before i was taking training from Shorbha. Taking training from Umar i can see immediate results. With over so many exercises that will help to improve leg, core and upper body strength and stability and taking care for my injury management. What I noticed is it suitable for all ages and abilities. I am 63 years old and he keeps in his mind my age and make me do exercise. Umar helps me to meet my specific fitness goal. I am happy with the way he progress my fitness.
Thanking you,



Bollywood Actor


Indian Badminton Player


Yes, please check with the receptionist for more details

No, we cater to a wide range of audience, ranging anywhere between 8 years to 60+ years

No, unlike traditional gyms, HEAL’s rehabilitation & conditioning is a trainer only gym, where our trainers workout with you and train you daily to ensure you reach your fitness goals

Yes, we do. Check with the receptionist for more details.

Yes, whatever be your fitness goals- lose weight or run the next half marathon, we are here to unlock the athlete in you.

A strength training session at HEAL usually goes on for an hour. Make sure to carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the workout.

In your 1st training session, firstly a fitness assessment will be done to understand your upper and lower body strength and endurance, core strength and stability as well as your cardiovascular endurance. Based on these results our trainers will create a fitness programme suited to your body and your health goals.

Our trainers’ schedules are planned around pre-booked appointments so it is advisable for you to pre-book your appointments.

Wear comfortable workout clothes such as shorts, t-shirts and track pants. Avoid wearing stiff materials like denim or khaki which can reduce your mobility and not allow you to perform certain exercises. Training sneakers which are to be used only within the gym premises are to be worn

No. A good attitude, the desire to sweat and work hard towards your fitness goals are all you need.

Yes you can eat a small snack prior to workout. A banana, a bowl of greek yogurt or a spoon of peanut butter with an apple are some good options.

All workouts at HEAL at customised as per each client’s needs and as your strength increases so will the intensity of the workouts. The workouts are set as per your current endurance and strength levels.

We are equipped to cater to all athletes’ needs. We have marathon runners, kabbadi players, rifle shooters, swimmers, discus throwers among several others training at HEAL.

With most common injuries, it is okay to workout provided the trainer is made clear about the full extent of your injury. A go ahead might be required from your doctor depending on the severity of the injury before starting the exercise programme.

Working out during a pregnancy is in fact beneficial to both the mother and child, some precautions may be needed to be taken. A few exercises may also not be permitted.

Depending upon the certain side effects such as cramping and nausea, working out on the first and second day of your cycle might not be possible. Light stretching is recommended on these days to ease the muscles. However, if such symptoms are not faced you can continue your regular workouts.

We have separate male and female changes-rooms but showers aren’t available at the centre.

What is included in the Trial Session?

In the Trial Session, S&C; Coach would work on the areas that need improvement basis your Fitness Assessment (General mobility, Form and Techniques). Trial Session would include Strength Training and Cardiovascular Exercises as well.


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