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Mohammad Azharuddin Former Indian Cricket Captain
Sachin Tendulkar Cricketer


Country head for Macau Tourism, VFS

The massage therapy that I underwent at HEAL was definitely a very relaxing and a rejuvenating experience. The therapist was very well trained and tended to the aching body parts with utmost care and skill. I will definitely recommend HEAL to my friends, colleagues and family and more so will come back myself more often.


Great facility! Shayamal, thanks for introducing this to India and we owe you a million thanks. Our athletes now have some scientific treatment & injury management to look at too. Great staff, best of luck.


Standup Comedian

The massage therapy that I underwent at HEAL was definitely a very relaxing and a rejuvenating experience. The therapist was very well trained and tended to the aching body parts with utmost care and skill. I will definitely recommend HEAL to my friends, colleagues and family and more so will come back myself more often.


Boxer – Olympian & Arjuna Awardee

I met Dr. Aayush in February 2016 after my ACL reconstruction at SAI NS NIS Patiala in the National Men Boxing Coaching Camp. He has extremely helped me in my post-surgery rehabilitation. Because of his hard work and dedication towards me, I gained confidence and recovered my knee within time. He has also helped me in getting rid of my chronic muscle injuries.
He is very passionate and knowledgeable Sports Physiotherapist. I am really thankful from bottom of my heart to Dr. Aayush for his help in recovery of my knee injury.
May he get all the success in his field of Physiotherapy


Walk-in Patient

Dr. Gaurang is known to me since a few years and is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced doctor. His diagnosis and treatment is always correct and I have never come back disappointed. I am very grateful to have him as my doctor.


Walk-in Patient

Dear Shayamal, (Gaurang&Akshata;) So proud of this place and all the work you are all put in. Still my go to physio clinic when my body is broken! Love all of you @ HEAL Xoxo


Walk-in Patient

Dr. Saloni is very thorough in her investigation and is therefore able to diagnose the problem well. I was very impressed by her professionalism as well.


Walk-in Patient

I was suffering from knee & lower back pain. I took opinion from many doctors. They recommended arthroscopic surgery for my knee. My daughter suggested Physiotherapy at HEAL.

I started with Physio there & the result was so good that I did not require the surgery at all. Now I have joined their S&C program. I am training with Umar at HEAL, who designs the program specific to my needs & is very friendly & understanding.


Social Worker

The therapist Vijaya at the HEAL Institute Colaba is par excellence. She has an amazing concentration power and is completely focused on her work. She is gracious and very helpful. A real credit to next appointment will surely be with her.


Walk-in Patient

I visited HEAL for my lower back and my experience was very good. Manish was extremely thorough and is a very good physiotherapist. He explained me and gave me lots of exercises as well.


Walk-in Patient

Deven was very attentive and helped me out with all my problems. Had quite some patience to tolerate and address number of my problems…



The best part about Dr. Manasi is her diagnosis. There have been a few times when I had absolutely no idea why the issue was for months, trips to the GP were with no outcome. But Manasi’s diagnosis was spot on and has helped me thru with getting the right treatment. Not just on this one occasion but on others as well. Then comes the fact that she is always so eager to help and make sure that you recover from the injuries/ issues and that too always with a smile and lot of motivation!!!


Walk-in Patient

I’m a cancer patient. I developed Avascular Necrosis during the course of my intensive chemo and radiation phase. Eventually I had to have a total hip replacement.

Saloni has been my Physiotherapist right from the start, she was in fact the one who diagnosed the condition, something a panel of MD’s couldn’t figure out in time.

Her knowledge, need for perfection and skill has gotten me from crutches to running 5 kilometers without a sweat in a matter of 6 months. In the time we’ve spent training she has always ensured I am challenged and pushed just the right amount.

What I would really mention as noteworthy is her combination of prowess in her field and her goal oriented attitude. She truly used my potential and set the bar where it needed to be, high enough that together we reached what was implausible to many.



The HEAL team & leader Shayamal, After deciding to run in my fifth decade of life when I had never RUN BE, I felt same pain & trouble is part of the package. Only till I visited this lively center. Immediately after my first visit, I felt, so much better & my performance also improved. The key is……Scientific approach with Fundamental techniques AND…….YOU have it Keep up the good work & indeed HEAL more people so that they are encouraged to lead a healthy LIFETYLE.


Walk-in Patient

Dr Manasi is a treasure. She did the best ever job I’ve seen in evaluating and assessing my body structure, needs, and getting an understanding of my life objectives. Then put together a short and long term plan for me. She did a terrific job of “releasing” my muscle knots. She is clearly an expert in finding them and breaking them up. She gave me a progressive set of stretches and exercises which have resulted in very obvious improvement in my freedom of movement and reduced pain. One near term objective was to get enough improvement in my core, lower back, hip and legs to permit me to jog again…which we’ve accomplished. Dr Manasi worked with me to help me on my personal fitness plan so that it supports what her work is doing. I’ve seen an amazing improvement Manasi did a great job of documenting her findings, plan, and progress. That document has been very useful to me and the medical professionals I am working with in conjunction with Dr Manasi’s work. I highly recommend Dr Manasi for assessing issues, determining program and objectives, and assuring excellent client execution of the plan.

Dr Manasi is supported by a great physical facility and support staff such as masseur and receptionist. My thanks to Dr Manasi and HEAL for helping me determine how to live and improve on my physical limitations.


Senior Sound Engineer, Zee TV

I got invited to HEAL by a very good buddy of mine a few months ago, and really had a fantastic massage experience here. My wife and I arrived early & were greeted warmly at the door. Surprisingly didn’t have to wait. Now, let me stop and say this place is like, the definition of serene. I’ve been to many massage clinics and spas in my life, but being in this place was so relaxing and refreshing. Really you can get the gentle music, soft lighting, and good service anywhere, but a staff that truly makes you feel comfortable and welcome is rare. Moreover, the massages were way better than others. The therapists were very professional and actually knew why they did what they did.




Mr. Kiran who attended me was excellent and gave me enough comfort and assumed that I can start cycling pretty soon, sooner than I had thought. The physio session post the consultation is already making me feel better. Light exercises and precautions suggested. I believe will certainly help in a faster recovery.

I will certainly visit again to HEAL THANE for follow ups as well as future injuries/discomfort.

[The staff is very warm & welcoming]

Keep up the good work


Founder & CEO, Genome Capital

I’ve been coming to HEAL for treatment by Saloni Shukla of a sports induced TFCC tear on my right wrist and cervical issues. I wanted to convey to HEAL what an outstanding musculoskeletal specialist she is. Extremely competent, professional, skilled, thorough and patient. She is also very articulate, a huge motivator with a really positive approach to healing. I have regained significant strength in my arm and have finally found a solution to my chronic cervical issues due to her top class therapy and professional abilities.



Dancer & Actress

HEAL, you’re the best.

Thanks for taking care of me.


India Track & Field Athlete

Congratulation Shayamal & his team, HEAL the word itself says a lot, the team puts on so much effort to make the patient/Athlete feel more relax. They make you forget that you ever had any injuries.



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