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We specialize in applying evidence based principles of sports to pain management & performance enhancement & provide a range of services for different needs

Sports Science

Sports Science is a multi-faceted approach to how the human body responds to physical activity, from a cellular to whole body perspective. Analysing the physiological & technical demands of a sport is the first step to improving your performance. No matter who you are, individual athlete or a team, our Sports Science Dept. will help you achieve your goal

Our Sports Science services include

  • Bio-mechanical & Gait Analysis
  • Athletic Load Monitoring
  • Functional Movement Testing
  • Integrative Intelligence Test
  • Nutritional Consultancy
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Injury Management

The Run Lab

The HEAL Run Lab is curated by Shayamal Vallabhjee – Puma Running Sports Scientist & Running Researcher. The Lab is designed to guide runners with their injury management & performance enhancement requirements. Shayamal has over 12 years’ experience in studying the physiological demands of running, from program design & load management to injury prevention & gait.

The Run Lab in HEAL Khar offers the following services

  • Gait & Foot Mapping
  • Running Related Injury Management
  • Customised Program Design
  • Finding the Right Shoe for You
  • Accessories & Running Gadgets
  • Strengthening & Conditioning
  • Run Specific Fitness Testing
  • Barefoot Training

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