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We specialize in applying evidence based principles of sports to pain management & performance enhancement & provide a range of services for different needs

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is an effective technique for releasing tension & restoring muscle balance to the muscular system as a deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage Include

01. Reduce Muscular Tension
02. Prevent Injury
03. Improve Neuro-Muscular Functioning

04. Reduce Stress
05. Reduce Swelling
06. Boost Performance

Who needs a massage?

Corporate employees lead a sedentary lifestyle resulting in aches, pains limitation and restriction in movement. Our Deep Tissue Massage therapists would ensure you unwind and disconnect from the daily stresses of the competitive world leaving you re-energised and renewed sense of being with a stress buster massage. Deep Tissue Massage also reduces chances of Spondylosis/Spondylitis.

For sports athletes, fitness freaks, individuals playing range of sports, Sports Massage, is one of the most effective tools for recovery post strenuous workout or training sessions. At HEAL’s sports massage clinic, our experience & professional Sports Massage Therapists would help you to reduce your chances of injury, increases mobility & movement, spikes up blood circulation resulting in increased levels of performance.

Pre/Post Natal Massage is an indulgence for pregnant women to cope with the stresses of pregnancy. Relaxation Massage calms the nervous system, relieves muscular tension, reduces chances of bad posture and facilitates physical &mental; well-being.

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ZOEB KEKI BULSARA Chief Operating Officer - Themis

It's a little out of the ordinary for me to write a thank you note for a massage — but your massage was so inspiring that I felt I needed to tell you how special the experience was for me. Thank you. I enjoyed every minute of the actual treatment, and have been basking in the afterglow for days. I felt completely happy and more relaxed than I have been in a long time. I respect your skill and feel lucky to have been able to experience it. What you do is a treat and a gift. Once again, thank you very much for such a lovely massage. I look forward to another. Take care!

ARZAN KHAMBATTA Country head for Macau Tourism, VFS

The Sports Massage that I underwent at HEAL was definitely a very relaxing and a rejuvenating experience. The therapist was very well trained and tended to the aching body parts with utmost care and skill. I will definitely recommend HEAL to my friends, colleagues and family and more so will come back myself more often.



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Anyone and everyone can indulge in a massage. We have range of massages including sports massage, deep tissue, foot massage and relaxation to suit different set of people- housewives, corporates, elderly and young kids.

There are certain situations, when we wouldn’t recommend a massage like Flu, fracture, first 3 months of pregnancy, and other such cases for instance contraindications, in which case the therapists will be able to guide at the time of consultation. We do not recommend getting a massage, firstly it could be contagious and spread to the others in the clinic and secondly it might just worsen the prevailing condition.

After you fill in a lifestyle consultation form, our therapists will guide you on the type of massage best suited as per your body’s need at that given point in time.

We use clinically tested and approved massage creams and/or basic nourishing oils.

There is no particular dress code as such. Most of the treatment will require you to be bare except for disposable underwear which will be offered to you before treatment commences.

Despite a lot of myths, it is actually very beneficial to indulge in massage post the 4th month of pregnancy, as it helps in relieving the mother to be, of pregnancy related challenges and issues faced on a daily basis. Although the therapist will refrain from the stomach area and won’t work much on reflex zones of the feet or palms.

We don’t do cross body massage.

It’s advisable to be light in the tummy before getting a massage. We recommend a gap of 2 hours after a meal. Post massage its best you eat something healthy like a salad fruit or fresh juice and avoid alcohol post a sports massage .

We recommend it once a week.

Yes, but we also offer home visits. Check with the receptionist for additional charges.

There’s a detoxification process that goes on post your treatment in which waste material like the lactic acid deposits are eliminated from the system which leaves a bit of soreness.

There’s no harm in getting a massage post workout more so if it’s not an intense one. It’s one of the best rest and recovery tools for any athlete or a gym enthusiast.

Our therapists’ schedules are planned around pre-booked appointments so it is advisable for you to pre-book your appointments.

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