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Akshata Dorkadi

Akshata Dorkadi

To live is the rarest thing on earth. Most people just exist. You get to live only once. Do, make mistakes, learn, fall, stand, climb, run, take a step back, laugh, laugh hard, laugh harder, laugh till you are out of breath……. Live

Akshata, a certified Manual Therapist, who constantly thrives to upgrade her knowledge, skills and professional performance through Continued Medical Education. Post her Masters in Orthopedics and Sports Injuries, Akshata worked with several leading health care institutions before joining HEAL. With a clientele that includes some renowned personalities of the entertainment industry, the learning never stops for this senior physiotherapist at HEAL. She claims to have climbed 90% of the Sahyadri Range and a few Himalayan peaks, a foodie who is always on the lookout for a getaway! When life gives her lemons what does Akshata do? Ties it on her bike and is off on a long ride!

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